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For applications belonging to the sector of the multimedia technique as well as to the video technique, we offer most modern equipment for being rented or sold:

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Multimedia und PC 
Data beamer For your presentations, we may put different data projectors at your disposal. Depending on the graphic resolution of the PC presentations the data beamer will be selected. The beamers available cover the whole capacity range of SVGA (800x600) over XGA (1024x768) until the SXGA resolution (1280x1024).
In conference rooms which may not be completely darkened, the light intensive beamers may project without any problems: the data projectors are characterized by a very high projection brightness and are suitable for being inclusively used at daylight. Just as you want, we may also add IBM notebooks of the ThinkPad series for your presentations. Overhead-projektors, Flipcharts and notice boards complete the offer. IBM Notebook of the ThinkPad series
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Video Technique
You may receive projectors made by Panasonic and Sony for any video formats: VHS/S-VHS, MiniDV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital-Betacam.These devices are regularly used at film festivals or at special events as, for example, the premières of the crime series "Wilsberg" of the German telestation ZDF or "Tatort" of the German telestation ARD - both of which are taking place in the "Cineplex" in Münster.
Sony DVCAM Sony Betacam SP Sony Digital Betacam
Sony DVCAM Sony Betacam SP Sony Digital Betacam
With our most light intense beamer (until 7.000 ANSI-lumes) we are able to present video films open-air on large screens.
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