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  The main open-air cinema season stretches from the middle of May until the end of September / the beginning of October. Each event claims special demands respectively means special challenges: an extraordinary location, a particular selection of films, a certain audience, supporting acts, accompanying events etc.

moving movies takes the individual technical measure and adapts it in order to make every event an experience. On the highest technical cinema standard! In the following, we have made up some highlights of the open-air cinema events we realised and attended in the last years in Germany:

  Première of "Wilsberg"

Première of the new Wilsberg movie
presented in the scope of the
Summer Cinema Münster

Münster, Salzstraße

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  Summer Cinema
in Oberkirch

Open-air cinema nights
in the "Alter Stadtgarten"

Summer Cinema in Oberkirch
  Summer Cinema
in Offenburg

Open-air cinema
in front of the "Old Riding Hall"
at the "Kulturforum"

Summer Cinema in Offenburg
  Summer Cinema
in Frankenthal

In front of the historic background
in Frankenthal (near Mannheim)

Summer Cinema in Frankenthal
Silent film "Faust"

After the world’s first performance of the
newfilm music of the silent film "Faust"
with the "Bremer Staatsorchester"
in Thedinghausen, the successful
performance was repeated at the
"Wallanlagen" in Bremen.


Silent film "Faust" -- Thedinghausen 2001
  Open-Air Cinema
Prinzipalmarkt, Münster

1 week of open-air cinema
in the oldest market street of the city
of Münster: the "Prinzipalmarkt".


Open-Air Cinema - Prinzipalmarkt, Münster
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