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As technical service company, moving movies is in charge of open-air cinema events and of indoor cinema events throughout the year. Our equipment offers you 35 mm cinema projectors, air-screens (inflatable screens), screens with aluminium frames in different sizes as well as a vast variety of light and sound technique:

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Projection Technique  
For any 35 mm films, we use projectors of the current type series make Kinoton which is the European leading producer of cinema technique. As the projectors are equipped with efficient horizontal light houses, light powers of a wattage of up to 8.000 are achieved this is sufficient for screen sizes of up to approximately 300 sq m. For the power supply of the Xenon projection lights we use conventional as well as most modern electronic rectifiers. Starting from a wattage of 5000, the projectors are water-cooled in order to reduce the thermal loading of the film copy. Projector
For high-quality projections, we use light - intense objectives from Schneider-Kreuznach or ISCO-Optic. We have different focal lengths at our disposal, of course. Hence, we are able to illuminate screens of different sizes or to realise differente projection distances.
Schneider-Kreuznach ISCO-Optic
Non-rewind system

It is possible to supply spool towers with electronically regulated frictions or non-rewind systems made as well by the producer Kinoton. These devices are really very gentle to the films and facilitate, if requested, film presentations without any interruption for up to 240 minutes.

The projection technique is completed by the also delivered additional equipment such as the tape splicer, reserve lights, rewinder (e.g. for for the advertising reel).

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Sound Technique  
To our projection devices belong Cinema Sound Processors of the producers Dolby Laboratories Inc., Panastereo or Smart. Any of the analouge light sound formats, from AcademyMono over Dolby A to Dolby SR Spectral Recording, are possible to create with these devices. As as option, Dolby Digital and/or DTS-Digital may also be performed. In addition to that, we may supply mixing panels with microphones for announcements as well as any sound integrations for pre-music respectively intermission music. dts


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Projection Cabin
For places where the film projector has to be installed within the sector of the audience, we may put at your disposal a mobile sound proof projection cabin. As a matter of fact, it is possible to convert (almost) every room into a movie theatre.
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For any place of event, the loudspeaker assembly and the corresponding amplifier technique will be arranged individually. For the insonification, we put at your disposal different systems which were especially developped for cinematic applications.

High-quality loudspeaker understructures and drivers by Electro Voice and JBL procure for a full and brilliant cinema sound. Capacities of 20 kW and even more are possible.

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Screens Apart from the classic frame constructions with aluminium traverses for accepting the screens, we are also working with airscreens. These inflatable frames which passed their MOT respectively GS are made of highly tearproof fabric material. By means of bracing ropes and the corresponding ballasting, it is ensured that the screen does not topple. For example, in case of a storm appearing, the airscreen will lie on the floor immediately.
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Projection Trailer
Projection trailer - view 1 Projection trailer - view 2 Projection trailer - view 3
Completely equipped projection trailers with light capacities of 2000 watt till 8000 watt, with spool towers (5000 m) or non-rewind systems for film presentations without any interruption.
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