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The "classic" event technique is a further field of activity of the moving movies limited partnership. Starting from the "little party" until a concert, moderations and presentations, panel discussions and theatre performances: for any kind of event, we have a selected equipment for being rented or sold ready:

___|_  Mixing Panels and Effects
___|_  Microphones
___|_  Loudspeakers and Amplifiers
___|_  Party and Disco Equipment
___|_  Spotlight and Dimmer
___|_  Multi-functional Devices
___|_  Light Controls
___|_  Traverse Systems, Tripods & Lifts

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Mixing Panels and Effects
Mixing panel

moving movies offers analouge as well as digital mixing panels: as regards the analouge sector, we have panels from Allen & Heath, and we use digital panels from the producer Yamaha. Any current effects and dynamic processors are integrated here; in case of the analouge mixing panels we are working with additional devices which are provided, among others, by c.electronic, Lexicon, dbx and Yamaha.

Yamaha Allen&Heath lexicon dbx
Sony Panasonic Live For Sound JBL BSS
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For the recording of vocals or instruments, we are using products from Sennheiser of the series evolution™. With its wired microphones, monitoring earphones, wireless systems and in-ear-monitoring-devices this series covers any imaginable applications.
Microphones Microphones Microphones
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Loudspeakers and Amplifiers
Loudspeaker The loudspeaker equipment and the appropriate amplifier technique will be arranged individually for every event. For the insonificacion, there are different loudspeaker systems at our disposal. We use exclusively understructures and drivers made by Electro Voice, JBL and Fostex. With these loudspeakers, we do realise a transparent and full sound for (almost) any event.
Loudspeaker tower
In order to be able to hoist up the loudspeaker systems the right way, we work with loudspeaker towers which passed their MOT and are certified according to BGV-C1, as, for example, the SC tower wich passed the check for being used even with wind - force 5.
For the loudspeaker management, we use frequency switches and controllers made by BSS and dbx. These devices offer the sound technician any adjusting possibilities for a pleasant hearing adventure at an optimal use of the loudspeakers and amplifiers.
For the signal amplification, moving movies uses high perfomance final stages made by the following producers:
Any final stages distinguish themselves by the extraordinarily good sound characteristics, the high operational safety which is due to integrated protection switchings and enormous power reserves.
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Party and Disco Equipment
You may also receive party equipment as well as disco equipment at moving movies. The systems, double CD-players and DJ mixing panels, are mounted in 19´´-cases and they are completely pre-cabled. This means that they only have to be connected to the loudspeaker boxes with the cabling which will be enclosed in our delivery.
Party and disco equipment Party and disco equipment
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Spotlight and Dimmer
Whether it is Rock´n´Roll or theatre performances: moving movies shows the event in its "true light" ! The offer stretches from single spotlights over T-Bars with completely equipped PAR spotlights to Fresnel lens spotlights or PC lens spotlights.
Studio / TV production
ARRI Junior 1000 plus ARRI Junior 2000 plus ARRI Compact 575W - 2500W ARRI Studio 1000W - 5000 W
ARRI Junior
1000 plus
ARRI Junior
2000 plus
ARRI Compact
575W - 2500W
ARRI Studio
1000W - 5000 W
Show / Stage
PAR 64 StudioPAR with exchangable lenses Step-lense spotlight Profile spotlight
PAR 64 StudioPAR with
exchangable lenses
Dimmer The digital dimmer from LightProcessor offers a maximum of high operational comfort and operational safety. There are available single dimmers as well as dimmer racks with their own power - subdistribution. paradim
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Multi-functional Devices
With regard to the multi-functional devices you have to distinguish beetween 2 kinds: on the one hand scanners which are mirror-covered and, on the other hand, the moving heads, which, as their name reveals, have movable heads. The spotlights with moving heads have to be devided into devices for Gobo projections and effect projections and into washer with CMY mixing units.

The following multi-functional devices form part of our pool:

Multi-functional devices
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Light Controls
Q-Commander For controlling the light installations, we use light panels and DMX-controllers made by LightProcessor. With these devices, we have diverse light control systems for very different applications at your disposal. Q24
Q-Commander Q24
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Traverse Systems,
Tripods & Lifts 
Our traverse systems by Expotruss may be used for any type of event as well as regards fair pavillon constructions and shop constructions. The traverses passed their MOT, of course.
Expotruss traverse system Expotruss traverse system Expotruss traverse system
The installation lifts we make us of are of a load bearing capacity of 220 kg at a hight 6,50 m; naturally, they have been certified in accordance with BGV-C1 (formerly known as VBG70) and today, they are considered to be the standard for the lifting of loads. As regards tripods and wind ups for spotlights, lightbars etc, security is the most important prioritiy for us, too. Therefore, any devices used by us passed their MOT / GS.
Wind up Wind up Wind up
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The moving movies limited partnership has ready any mentioned articles belonging to the realm of event technique for being rented or sold. moving movies distributes, among others, products of the following producers: 

|::|  Yamaha
|::|  Sennheiser
|::|  Lab.Gruppen
|::|  Camco
|::|  Denon
|::|  Coemar
|::|  LightProcessor
|::|  ExpoTruss
|::|  Manfrotto

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